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Фиксированная широкополосная связь

Консолидация и широкое применение фиксированной широкополосной связи

With the trend of multi-level development of the global economy, the network and wide-area of enterprise information has become one of the important ways for enterprises to acquire fast business processing capabilities. High-speed, reliable Internet access has become an important indicator of whether companies can quickly respond to market changes. Accessing the Internet with a carrier-grade private line is the best choice for all enterprises to access the Internet. Compared with other methods (such as ADSL), access to the Internet through the fiber-optic line has the following advantages:  It has the unique stability of the dedicated line transmission, fast speed, the same speed of uplink and downlink, small delay, multiple speed options, convenient speed increase and so on.  Exclusive Internet export Internet access, 24 hours a day online, with a fixed public IP address.  In addition to high-speed access to the Internet, a variety of network functions can be implemented. Such as: Web site publishing; establish its own E-mail e-mail system; FTP file download service; DNS domain name resolution; IP telephony; VPN; video conferencing and e-commerce. FiberMall can provide Fiber Media Converter, 1000 BASE SFP, BIDI SFP, 10G SFP+, 10G BIDI SFP+ to build enterprise fiber-optic private line access Internet transmission solutions. FiberMall provides advanced fiber-to-the-desktop solutions for Gigabit NIC mainframes for a wide range of industry customers.

Фиксированная широкополосная связь