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News Room/FiberMall Launches XGS-PON OLT / ONU Optical Module

FiberMall Launches XGS-PON OLT / ONU Optical Module

Fibermall recently achieved a technological breakthrough, released a full series of XGS-PON OLT / NOU optical modules, and provided XGS-PON deployment solutions for our customers.

XGS-PON is also called symmetrical 10G GPON. XGS-PON OLT optical module is mainly used in the central office of XGS-PON system. The downlink uses a wavelength of 1575 ~ 1580nm to transmit a continuous 9.953Gb / s signal, while the uplink uses a wavelength of 1260 ~ 1280nm to transmit a burst 9.953Gb / s signal. With 1 part 128-channel system, the transmission distance can up to 20 kilometers. The released XGS-PON OLT optical module is packaged in XFP, which is divided into N1 and N2.


Fibermall's XGS-PON ONU optical module uses SFP + packaging, and simultaneously meets the two N1 / N2 level standards to meet different application scenarios. The uplink supports 9.953Gb / s burst reception and the downlink supports 9.953Gb / s burst reception. Transmit power: + 4.0 ~ + 9.0dBm, the receiving sensitivity is better than -28.0dBm, and the transmission data can up to 20km.