Subsystem Released, Pre-Research on High-End Optical Modules

Abstract: Our company is about to carry out the pre-research work on the full series of products such as 400G and high-end optical modules such as 200G CFP2 PAM4. Our upcoming products: various fiber amplifier, subsystem products, 100G QSFP28 ER4/CFP2 ER4/CFP ER4.


The fiber amplifier is the key technology of optical communication. Currently, the main commercial fiber amplifiers include bait-doped fiber amplifier, distributed Raman amplifier, erbium co-doped fiber amplifier, semiconductor amplifier, and other types. Among different optical amplifier technologies, bait-doped fiber amplifiers are the most common and mature technology in the field of broadband WDM system application. With the upgrade and development of the optical networks, the future development direction of the fiber amplifier will be wide gain, noise reduction, miniaturization, etc. At the same time, new SDN, 100Gbps, and other systems will promote the innovation of fiber amplifier technology.

The subsystem is mainly provided customers with corresponding optical transmission solutions. The main products are OEO, bait-doped fiber amplifiers, Raman amplifiers, RGU, RPU, DCM, OMU, OADM, and other products. According to the optical transmission distance and the attenuation of the line, we can configure different optical amplifier products and supporting equipment for customers to achieve the run-through of the entire line. The maximum attenuation of a single-span transmission line supports 86dB, and the longest transmission distance is 400km or even longer.


400G optical module and 200G CFP2 PAM4 that can support LANWDM4 10km transmission using single module fiber will be the key products of our research and development. With the application of PAM4 technology, the module can achieve a single-channel transmission rate of 53.125Gbps. Based on the low power design, the module achieves stable operation at 0-70 °C. This product will be widely used in 200G Ethernet and 5G Wireless.


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