Delta‘s 2 New White Box Switches Debut at OCP Regional Summit

Abstract: At the recent OCP Regional Summit 2020 held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Delta, a white box switch manufacturer, announced the arrival of its two new access switches, i.e. AGCX422S Spine switch and AGCVA48S access switch. Unlike the conventional black and silver color used by the industry, these two switches were applied to bright pink color, making them quite distinct from other switches in the exhibition hall.


Delta AGCX422S White Box Switch


 The Front and Rear of AGCX422S Switch

AGCX422S is a spine switch and there are 22 built-in 100G QSFP28 ports and 4 400G QSFP-DD ports in its front panel. The back of the switch case is designed with a dual power supply and triple fan.



The Front and Rear of AGCVA48S Switch


AGCVA48S Switch is for the interconnection between access devices at a lower data rate. With 48 25G SFP28 ports and 10 100G QSFP28 interfaces in the front panel, the design in the rear of the AGCVA48S switch is exactly the same as that of the AGCX422S switch, while AGCVA48S can uplink to AGCX422S for convergence.


Both AGCX422S and AGCVA48S switch adopts Qumran 2C switch chip in the BroadCom DNX series. The chip has a 4GB on-chip buffer and can be connected to an external T-CAM chip to obtain the characteristics of large entries. The CPU control chip on the board can use Intel Xeon D-1548 or higher clock frequency Xeon D-1649. The modular design in the CPU control part enables it to be used interchangeably in both switch cases.


These two box-type switching devices were jointly developed by the Deutsche Telekom Access 4.0 team and Delta Co. Deutsche Telekom stated that these two devices can be used in broadband network gateway (BNG), edge routing, mobile backhaul, and other application.



Delta, as an activist in the development of white box switches in the OCP organization, showcased its 100Gbe and 400Gbe white box switches at the OCP Summit 2020 conference earlier this year. These two newly-launched box-type switches are an addition to the current product development. Network devices are underway to white-boxing based on the OCP platform.

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