FTTH|Telecom Italia Has XGS-PON on Trial

Abstract: Telecom Italia activated its first ultra-broadband FTTH network connection at the speed of 10Gbps.The operator then is to bring this FTTH Service plan on trial in cities such as Rome, Turin, and Genoa in Italy.


Lately, Telecom Italia(TIM) has enabled its first ultra-broadband FTTH(Fiber to the Home) at a data rate of 10Gbps, reinforcing its leadership in the innovation and development of next-generation networks and services. The Italian TV radio“Amici” is the first in Italy to apply this superfast XGS-PON technology for FTTH connection. Specifically, XGS-PON operates at the symmetric system of 10 Gbit/s in the downstream (provider to the customer) direction and 10Gbit/s in the upstream direction.


TIM brings 10 gigabits/second FTTH Fibre on tv with AMICI


FTTH Fibre with XGS-PON Technology Debuts on TV with “AMICI”


After the preliminary trial, TIM will provide its customers and other operators (wholesale) with the possibility of testing services on its network, and will firstly expand the testing in cities such as Rome, Turin, and Genoa in Italy for the first time.


The ultra-wideband FTTH connection based on XGS-PON technology jointly developed by TIM and Nokia can capitalize on the physical characteristics of optical fiber, increasing the download capacity of the current FTTP GPON network by 4 times and the upload capacity by 8 times. With this technology, TIM will further expand its FTTH service to meet the increasing demand for network connections.


“This move has further confirmed our promise that TIM is committed to developing Italian optical fiber network in an innovative way. TIM intends to provide XGS-PON solutions for some cities in Italy to ensure that our customers enjoy faster network connections. We provide the best data connection experience by using digital services ranging from online games to entertainment content and commercial and industrial applications. ” Said Quang Ngo Dinh, Head Consumer Marketing Director of TIM.


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