Fiber Mall launched 50G SFP56 FR LR optical transceiver for wireless network


On the eve of the 2021 China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE), FiberMall, the world’s leading optical communication module manufacturer, announced the official launch of 50G SFP56 FR/LR transceivers for 5G fronthaul transmission applications and will conduct a product performance solution LIVE demonstration at 2021 CIOE.

2021 CIOE

50G SFP56 Transceiver Market Background

A sudden global COVID-19 epidemic has made the whole society realize the importance of information construction: accelerating the construction of core capabilities of the new 5G infrastructure can quickly improve the information efficiency of society. 5G’s value not only enhances the real-time speed of users but also improves the overall network capacity. To improve the comprehensive capability of the network, dual-carrier is an important product direction. At the same time, the dual-carrier technology is also highly in line with the domestic 5G development plan to meet the network construction needs of operators.

At present, the fronthaul transmission under dual-carrier aggregation is mainly 2x25G, but with the collaborative progress of technology and industrial chain, the demand for single-channel 50G optical modules is about to mature. Therefore, FiberMall launched 50G SFP56 FR / LR series optical modules for wireless network applications.

50G SFP56 FR eye diagram

50G SFP56 optical transceiver eye diagram

50G SFP56 Transceiver Product Highlights

Package form-factor: SFP56 package is adopted

Modulation: User can choose 2x25G NRZ and 1x50G PAM4 modulation for electrical signal and 50G PAM4 modulation for optical signal

Temperature: support industrial temperature applications – 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)

Transmission distance: 2km / 10km

Technical specifications: meet the IEEE 802.3cd standard



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