How to use MMF&SMF cable to connect 40GBase QSFP+ UNIV Optical Transceiver?

FiberMall 40G QSFP+ UNIV Module


QSFP+ stands for Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus. A parallel and hot-swappable fiber optical module that provides high-density 40G connectivity options for high-performance computing networks and modern data centers. It has four independent receive and transmit optical channels that can terminate to another 40G QSFP+ transceiver, or can be distributed to four separate 10 Gigabit SFP+ transceivers. The QSFP+ modules , in brief, connect the entire electrical circuitry of your system to an optical external network.


  • What is 40G QSFP+ UNIV?

The “UNIV” in item “QSFP-40G-UNIV” means “Universal”. Therefore, QSFP-40G-UNIV transceiver enables operation on both SMF and MMF, allowing customers to consolidate their optics and use QSFP-40G-UNIV QSFP+ transceivers in their network irrespective of the fiber type. It supports distances up to 150m over OM3 and up to 2km over single-mode fiber. The module converts 4 inputs channels of 10Gb/s electrical data to 4 CWDM optical signals and multiplexes them into a single channel for 40Gb/s optical transmission. The central wavelengths of the 4 CWDM channels are 1271, 1291, 1311, and 1331 nm. It contains a duplex LC connector for the optical interface and a 148-pin connector for the electrical interface.


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