2 Minutes to Understand What’s 40GBASE SR4 QSFP+ Optical Transceiver


FiberMall 40G QSFP+ SR4 Optical Module     


QSFP+ stands for Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus. A parallel and hot-swappable fiber optical module that provides high-density 40G connectivity options for high-performance computing networks and modern data centers. It has four independent receive and transmit optical channels that can terminate to another 40G QSFP+ transceiver, or can be distributed to four separate 10 Gigabit SFP+ transceivers. The QSFP+ modules , in brief, connect the entire electrical circuitry of your system to an optical external network.


  • What is 40G QSFP+ SR4?

40GBase-SR4 is probably the most widely-used and most popular 40G transceiver for short distance transmission, mostly link lengths of 100m and 150m on OM3 and OM4 multimode fibers. 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ optical module has 12-Fiber MTP/MPO interfaces and usually connects with MTP/MPO multimode fiber patch cables with a wavelength of about 850 nm. It is an MPO-interfaced parallel fiber optic transceiver with a 4x10G transmission pattern. The 40GBase-SR4 can achieve simultaneous 40G signal sending and receiving with the help of four 10G SFP+ lanes in one module. The QSFP-SR4-40G optical module uses VCSEL transmitter type, which is ideal for applications such as parallel optical transmission and parallel optical interconnects, and is highly cost-effective.

The module operates from a single +3.3V power supply and LVCMOS/LVTTL global control signals such as Module Present, Reset, Interrupt and Low Power Mode are available with the modules. A 2-wire serial interface is available to send and receive more complex control signals and to obtain digital diagnostic information. Individual channels can be addressed and unused channels can be shut down for maximum design flexibility. You can usually see this type of transceiver being used in data centers to interconnect two switches with 12 lane ribbon cables.


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