How to Use 100G Single Wavelength DWDM QSFP28 PAM4?

Product Description

  • 100G Single Wavelength DWDM QSFP28 PAM4 pluggable optical transceiver modules are designed for multiple channel 100G transmission up to 100 km over standard G.652 single-mode optical fibers (SMF).
  • Dispersion compensation is not required for short-reach applications (typically 0 to 2 km).
  • For long and extended reach applications (2 km to 100 km), EDFA and DCM are required to compensate for fiber link loss and dispersion.
  • The modules are based on our proprietary n CP4™ Silicon Photonics Optical Engine, a PAM 4  modulator platform developed in-house.
  • The module’s optical interface utilizes a single wavelength on ITU-T 100 GHz spacing DWDM grid, and the signal is compatible with standard 100 GHz spacing DWDM filters.
  • The module is Laser Class 1 compliant according to International Safety Standard IEC- 60825.


  • Single-wavelength 100Gbps transmission
  • Fixed wavelengths on ITU-T DWDM 100GHz spacing grid
  • Supports 40 DWDM channels for standard products, expandable up to 48 channels
  • Compatible with standard 100GHz DWDM filters
  • Supports up to 100km DWDM transmission over G652 SM fiber (EDFA and DCM/ DCF are required for more than 2km)
  • Duplex LC connector
  • PAM4 optical signal with integrated FEC
  • 78Gbps CAUI-4 host interface compatible with standard 100GE switches
  • Compliant with QSFP28 MSA SFF-8636
  • QSFP28 MSA digital monitoring functions


  • Lower Cost: may be less than half the price of Coherent 100G DWDM modules
  • Low Latency: favorable for delay-sensitive applications
  • Low Power Consumption ~ 4.5W typical
  • Plugs directly into standard 100GE switches (including white-box switches)
  • No OEO systems are required, which simplifies DWDM systems and reduces system cost
  • Compatible with standard 100GHz spacing DWDM Mux/Demux filters
  • 0 to 2km direct links are possible at a significantly reduced DWDM system cost
  • DCM is not required
  • EDFA is usually not required assuming typical filter & fiber losses

Competitive Matrix

ParametersCoherent  DP-QPSKDual Wavelength  PAM4Single Wavelength  PAM4
Power Consumption>10W4.5W5W
Transmission DistanceLongUp to 80kmUp to 100km
Module Form FactorCFP2/QSFP-DDQSFP28QSFP28
DWDM Grid50GHz SpacingCustomized100GHz Spacing
DWDM Mux/DemuxStandardCustomizedStandard
Direct Link without EDFAYesNoUp to 2km
Total Capacity per Fiber>80 x 100G40 x 100G40 x 100G Standard  48 x 100G Possible
Single-Fiber Bi-Directional  TransmissionDifficultDifficult to ImpossibleIntrinsic


0 to 2km Applications

0 to 2km Applications

  • For 0 to 2 km DWDM transmission using the 100G Single Wavelength DWDM QSFP28  PAM4 modules, DCM is not required.
  • The module can support up to 8 dB link loss including the DWDM Mux, Demux, and fiber insertion losses.
  • The typical insertion loss of a 40-channel Mux/Demux pair is below 7 dB, and 2 km fiber insertion loss is < 1 dB, so in most cases, EDFA is not required for direct links of 0 to 2 km transmission.
  • If the link loss is > 8 dB a pre-amp EDFA is required at the RX side.

2 to 40km Applications

2 to 40km Applications

  • For 2 to 40 km DWDM applications a tunable dispersion compensation module (TDCM) is required at the RX side after the pre-amp EDFA.
  • We will provide a 19 – inch 1U accessory that supports automatic dispersion compensation tuning so that customers do not need to worry about the dispersion compensation settings.
  • If the fiber insertion loss is small enough the booster EDFA on the TX side can be omitted to save system cost.

40 to 100km Applications

40 to 100km Applications

  • For extended-reach DWDM applications, transmission distance is OSNR limited.
  • 100G Single Wavelength DWDM QSFP28  PAM4 module supports up to 25 dB link loss between the booster and pre-amp EDFA’s, and generally, it can support up to 100 km transmission over standard SMF fiber.
  • For 40-100 km applications, a fixed DCM is required at the TX side and a TDCM is required at the RX side. We can provide both the fixed DCM and the TDCM in a 19-inch 1U accessory.

Single-Fiber BiDi Applications

Single-Fiber BiDi Applications

  • Single-fiber bi-directional links of 1.6Tbps are supported by Our 100G Single Wavelength DWDM QSFP28  PAM4
  • Competing 100G DWDM modules have difficulty supporting bi-directional single-fiber transmission
  • Separate booster EDFA, pre-amplifier EDFA, and tunable dispersion compensation module (TDCM) are used in “red” and “blue” directions in conjunction with red/blue (R/B) filters

TDCM+EDFA Accessory

  • Tunable Dispersion Compensation Module(TDCM) line card
  • Slope-matching dispersion compensation for G652 single-mode fibers (SMF)
  • Automatic dispersion tuning with our proprietary control algorithm optimizes the dispersion compensation setting – customers do not need to worry about it
  • Fixed DCM for 40-100 km applications can be added to the TDCM line card as an option
  • EDFA line card provides both Booster EDFA and Pre-amp EDFA
  • Provide Ethernet interface and USB serial interface for TDCM and EDFA control and monitoring.
  • Redundant pluggable AC (100 V to 230 V) or DC (-48 V) power supplies
  • Pluggable cooling fans

Live Demonstrations

  • Demo 1: Single-span 120 km multi-channel 100G DWDM transmission over standard SMF with total fiber link insertion loss of 25 dB. Standard erbium-doped fiber amplifiers and dispersion compensation modules are used in this demonstration.
  • Demo 2: Direct link over 2 km standard SMF for multi-channel 100G DWDM transmission with average link insertion loss per channel of approximately 7.5 dB (including the 6 dB average insertion loss per channel of the 40-channel DWDM Mux/Demux pair).

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