100G Lambda MSA New Specifications for 20km/30km/40km 100 GbE Unveiled

Abstract: The 100G Lambda Multisource Agreement (MSA) Group announces the release of three enhanced 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) specifications, extending the reach to three distinct lengths of up to 20, 30, and 40 km over single-mode fiber, i.e. 100G-LR1-20(20km), 100G-ER1-30(30km), 100G-ER1-40(40km) respectively.

100G Lambda MSA

Single-wavelength 100G PAM4 optical technology has gained industry-wide adoption. These longer reach specifications will further accelerate broader industry acceptance of single-wavelength 100G solutions, especially for service providers and carriers who are in high demand of efficient and cost-effective optical solutions for next-generation wired and wireless networks,said Mark Nowell, 100G Lambda MSA co-chair.

The MSA’s target also includes 400GbE based on 4*100G wavelength. The group started 400G-FR4 at the beginning of its establishment and released the 400G LR4-10 10 km application standard last month. The MSA disclosed that the next step is the 400GbE demand for more than 10 kilometers.

Established in September 2017, the 100G Lambda MSA Group currently includes the following member companies: II-VIAlibaba, AOI, Arista, Broadcom, China unicomCiena, Cisco, ColorChip, Credo, Delta, FOCInphi, Intel, Juniper Networks, Keysight Technologies, Lightwave LogicLumentum, Macom, MaximMaxlinear, Mellanox, Microsoft, Mitsubishi Electric, Molex, MultiLane, Neophotonics, Nokia, PanduitRenesasRockley Photonics, Semtech, Sicoya, SiFotonicsSource Photonics, Sumitomo Electric, TE ConnectivityTektronix and ZTE.

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