3 Network Integration Solution of Intelligent Traffic Highway


The intelligent traffic highway monitoring triple-play solution is a digital image monitoring using modern computer network technology, new generation broadband integrated service access network system, a new generation optical transmission system as the main technology and multimedia information compression, digital image monitoring system realized by decompression technology. The system is a comprehensive solution integrating the three major electromechanical systems of highway communication system, monitoring system and charging system.


The triple play network is the trend of highway information development. It is based on the highway communication system, transmitting voice, data and image services on the same network, and can contain other traffic macro-management information.


Monitoring the data transmission network

FiberMall controls the monitoring system equipment to support various modes of transmission, as long as it is in a unified IP network, various physical transmission methods are supported. Due to the large number of images and the need to dynamically adjust the transmission bandwidth of the communication system, it is recommended to use the SDH network transmission with embedded RPR function to effectively utilize the bandwidth.

Monitoring center structure

The sub-center monitoring network consists of the central office access unit, system server, digital video detection server, storage server, system client, network switch, and a monitor.

Monitoring network of ONU set up in the tunnel

For the tunnel management station where the communication system ONU(optical network unit) is set, the tunnel monitoring data is transmitted to the monitoring sub-center through the access layer communication system. The specific structure is: monitoring video signal and reverse control signal collected by camera set in the tunnel, connect to the remote access device set in the center by means of cable connecting to one device with video and control signals of every three channels. Each device and the local access device installed in the tunnel management room are connected by optical fibers to form a fiber self-healing ring network. According to the number of videos in the tunnel, a plurality of tangent structure self-healing ring networks can be formed at the same time.

The monitoring network in the tunnel management station is composed of local access devices, system terminals, digital video analysis servers, storage servers, disk arrays, monitors, etc.


FiberMall control network management software design is based on an open platform, user-friendly interface, rich functions, easy operation, flexible interface, including video management, alarm management, device management, system management and value-added functions. All functions provide C/S and B/S implementations, which can be implemented either by dedicated client software or through IE browser.

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