How to Connect 800G OSFP SR8 and DR8 Optical Transceivers?


The 800G OSFP SR8 optical transceiver is a pluggable module that supports two ports of 400G each using 8 channels of 100G-PAM4 modulation. It operates at 850nm wavelength and can transmit up to 100m over multimode fiber. It is compatible with NVIDIA Quantum-2 switches and other devices that support OSFP interfaces.

The 800G OSFP SR8 optical transceiver has many advantages, such as:

  • High bandwidth and low latency for data-intensive applications
  • Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness compared to other transceiver types
  • Easy installation and maintenance with hot-pluggable design
  • Enhanced performance and reliability with built-in diagnostics and CMIS 4.0 compliance

The 800G OSFP SR8 optical transceiver module (MMA4Z00-NS) is designed for 400G InfiniBand NDR links over multimode fiber using 850nm wavelength. The module has two ports of 4-channel 100G-PAM4 optical modulation, each using an MTP/MPO-12 connector. You will see how to connect it to another device using breakout fiber cables, and how to configure the switch protocol based on InfiniBand or Ethernet. You will also learn about the key features and benefits of the 800G OSFP SR8 module, such as its high bandwidth, low power consumption, and hot pluggability.


800G OSFP DR8 (MMS4X00-NM) is a type of optical transceiver module that supports 2x400G NDR transmission over single-mode fiber. The rates are up to 2x400Gbps. It has a dual MTP/MPO-12 connector that can be split into two 400G ports. It has a maximum reach of 500 meters and operates at 1310 nm wavelength. It is compliant with IEEE 802.3ck, IEEE 802.3cu, and OSFP MSA standards. It is suitable for high-performance computing, data centers, and cloud applications that require high-speed and low-latency connectivity.

The 800G OSFP DR8 and SR8 are twin-port transceivers that support two ports of 400G each using 8 channels of 100G-PAM4 modulation. They are compatible with NVIDIA Quantum-2 switches, which have 32 OSFP cages and can support up to 64 ports of 400G. The main application for these transceivers is to link two switches together with up to 50-meter fiber cables.

To use the 800G OSFP DR8 and SR8 on NVIDIA Quantum-2 switches, you need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have the finned-top OSFP shells for extra transceiver cooling. The flat-top OSFP shells are only for liquid-cooled and DGX H100 systems
  • Plug the transceivers into the OSFP cages on the switch. You can use either straight 400G or 1:2 splitter fiber cables for 200G
  • Connect the other end of the fiber cables to the devices you want to link with the switch, such as another switch, a ConnectX-7 network adapter, a BlueField-3 DPU, or a DGX H100 system
  • The transceiver firmware will automatically detect the switch protocol (InfiniBand or Ethernet) and enable the appropriate mode
  • You can monitor the transceiver status and performance using the CMIS 4.0 compliant interface

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