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Fiber Capacity Multiplication Solution

How to solve the problem of insufficient fiber resources?

FCMS (full name is Fiber Capacity Multiplier Solution) is a WDM technology for the access layer of the metropolitan area network. Since it was commercialized in China around 2000, the industry chain has matured, and the cost and capacity can support large-scale commercial use. CWDM uses an optical multiplexer to multiplex optical signals of different wavelengths into a single fiber for hybrid transmission, and each color optical channel is physically isolated from each other, thereby realizing channel multiplexing of the optical fiber. FCMS is developed for the serious problem of cable resource consumption caused by the ISP's BBU centralized construction trend. It is mainly located between the C-RAN interfaces between the BBU-RRU remote base stations, and completes the C-RAN interface service transmission for multiple pairs of optical cables. Multiplexing, and can be extended to use in multiple scenarios, such as BBU backhaul, OLT backhaul, and access segment integrated service access. Fibermal provides a networking solution that combines the placement of BBUs with a significant reduction in fiber requirements. In this solution, service signals of different wavelengths are provided by using the matched optical modules on the BBU and the RRU (Radio Remote Unit). The optical fibers carrying the service signals of the respective wavelengths are respectively connected to the fiber expanders on the BBU side and the RRU side. The fiber expanders on both sides transmit signals of different wavelengths through one fiber on the line side, saving a lot of fiber resources. The system is a passive solution with waterproof, dustproof, high and low temperature resistance, high reliability. No need for power supply, and the device is small in size, easy to install and use.

Fiber Capacity Multiplication Solution