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Optics Storage Networking

Fibre Channel applications in storage networks

Storage area network (referred to as SAN) adopts a mesh channel ( Fibre Channel, referred to as FC, distinguishes Fiber Channel) to connect storage arrays and server hosts through FC switches to establish a regional network dedicated to data storage. Fibre Channel is widely used in communications interfaces and is part of the convergence of traditional I/O interfaces with networking technologies. The Network operates in an open, unstructured and essentially unpredictable environment. Channels typically run in a closed, structured, and predictable environment where all devices communicating with the host are known in advance, and any changes require host software or configuration tables to make the appropriate changes. Channel protocols such as SCSI, ESCON, IPI. Fibre Channel combines the advantages of these two communication methods into a new interface that meets the needs of both network and channel users. Fibermall offers 2Gbps, 4Gbps, 8Gbps, 16Gbps, 28Gbps and 32Gbps, as well as 56Gps and 112Gps high-speed interconnect technology.

Optics Storage Networking

The development trend of optical transceivers in cloud data centers.

The bursting of traffic in the cloud data center has driven the operating rate of optical modules to escalate and accelerate. The 10G rate port has been iterated to the 40G rate port for 5 years, and the 40G rate port has been upgraded to the 100G rate port for 4 years. 100G rate port to 400G rate port or only 3 years. With the cost reduction and maturity of single-channel 25G optical modules, 25G rate ports and 200G rate ports are also quite cost-effective options. All the export data of the data center in the future will need to undergo internal massive calculations (especially the rise of internal traffic/export traffic of AI, VR and other applications), the rapid increase of data transmission within the data center, and the flattened data center architecture. The 25G, 100G, 200G, 400G optical module market will continue to grow at a high speed.

After more than a decade of development, the SAN has matured and become the de facto standard in the industry. However, the fiber-switching technologies of various vendors are not identical, and the server and SAN storage have compatibility requirements. Fibermall provides optical module solutions that are compatible with switches and servers from various manufacturers to perfectly meet the compatibility requirements of different manufacturers.