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Data center wiring for future design ideas

The data center cabling project construction should reflect the long-term strategy of data center IT development, embody the "future-oriented" design idea, and build a modern data center cabling with reasonable layout, safe and reliable, sustainable development, green environmental protection, reasonable investment and high standards. The system provides a safe, reliable, temperature, humidity and cleanliness environment for the server, network and other equipment to meet the requirements of the basic operating environment, while providing relevant management personnel with convenient, fast, safe and efficient management tools.

Standards that must be adhered to in data center cabling

The data center cabling system should be based on the world's first comprehensive data center telecommunications infrastructure standard, the TIA/EIA-942 data center standard, released in April 2005. The introduction of this standard provides requirements and guidelines for designing and building large/small data centers. The TIA/EIA-942 data center standard treats the data center as a building, or part of a building, that functions to house a computer room and its maintenance area. The computer room is an important part of the data room, where the core data processing equipment is placed. Typical data center telecommunications spaces include: ENTRANCE ROOM, MDA, HDA, ZDA, and EDA.


Data center cabling product application.

Fibermall uses pre-terminated MTP/MPO trunk cables, pre-terminated MTP/MPO fiber patch cords and pre-terminated MTP/MPO-LC adapter modules and high-density fiber distribution frames. The pre-terminated product tests are all completed in the factory, using unique grinding technology and self-developed polarity testing system. All products are 100% factory tested, ensuring the completion of the trunk cable and fiber patch cord products from production to wiring. The performance is stable and reliable. In recent years, Fibermall data center fiber cabling solutions related products have been widely adopted in the construction of data center Ethernet 40G BASE-SR4, 100G BASE-SR4, 100G BASE-SR10, 100G Base-PSM4 systems. Fibermall relies on the high-performance index of MTP/MPO fiber-optic cabling products, the user-friendly design when using, the system is easy to smoothly upgrade, green, environmental protection and anti-flame retardant products, and has won the praise of the terminal information business customers in the data center wiring market.