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Multiple video surveillance solutions based on fiber optic networks

There is a wide demand for video surveillance in various industries such as anti-terrorism, intelligent transportation, financial system security, higher education, and prison supervision. The network video surveillance system with network, intelligent, digital and remote features has become a new application trend and forms an efficient, secure and advanced network video surveillance system. There are three types of optical fiber transmission methods used in current video surveillance solutions: point-to-point video optical transceiver access, optical transceiver access, and EPON access. Among them, point-to-point video optical transceiver access is widely used in traditional engineering projects, but the utilization of optical fiber resources is low, and the networking cost is high. With the development and rapid application of IP network camera system technology. The optical transceiver and switch network access, EPON video surveillance access technology can provide high network transmission bandwidth, flexible networking, support real-time remote monitoring, widely used in recent years. The EPON video surveillance fiber transmission solution provided by Fibermall can meet the needs of the evolution of the implementation scheme from the ONU through the Ethernet access IP camera to the camera integrated ONU. Fibermall can provide 3G-SDI in ultra high definition video signal transmission, and 12G-SDI optical module meets the requirements of long distance transmission of SDI.