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D-link DEM-310GT Compatible 1000Base LX SFP 1310nm 10km LC SMF DDM Transceiver Module

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D-link DEM-310GT Compatible 1000Base LX SFP Transceiver Module (1310nm SMF 10km LC DDM)

Product Details

D-Link Compatible DEM-310GT Vendor Name FIBER MALL
Form Factor SFPMax Data Rate 1.25Gbps
Wavelength 1310nmMax Distance 10km 
Connector Duplex LCTransmitter Type 1310nm FP
Cable Type SMFReceiver Type PIN
TX Power -12.0~-3.0dBmReceiver Sensitivity < -23.0dBm
Protocols SFF-8472 MSA Compliant, IEEE 802.3ah-2004Operation Temperature 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)

Quality Assurance

Excellent quality is the foundation of FIBER MALL' s survival and development. Our operation team are experts with many years' experience in optical communication industry. Our manufacturers are first-class manufacturers in the industry. Many of them have the qualification of OEM for first-class system equipment manufacturers.

Quality Certification
We control the quality of our products, including our strict qualification of manufacturers, quality control process and production technology, and compliance with certification and safety standards. At present, our products meet the industry standards and mainstream quality certification, such as ISO 9001, CE, RoHS, FCC, etc.

D-link DEM-310GT Compatible 1000Base LX SFP 1310nm 10km LC SMF DDM Transceiver Module
D-link DEM-310GT Compatible 1000Base LX SFP 1310nm 10km LC SMF DDM Transceiver Module
D-link DEM-310GT Compatible 1000Base LX SFP 1310nm 10km LC SMF DDM Transceiver Module

Platform Support

DXS-3227 24-Port Gigabit Wireless-Ready SwitchDGS-3224TGR Managed 24-Port Gigabit SwitchDXS-3250E Managed 48-Port Gigabit L2+ SwitchDES-3550 Managed 48-Port 10/100 Stackable L2 SwitchDWS-3227 24-Port Gigabit Unified Wireless Switch + 10 Gigabit UplinksDGS-3100-24P Managed 24-Port Gigabit Stackable PoE Layer 2 SwitchDES-1252 Web Smart 48-Port 10/100 SwitchDES-3010FA Managed 8-Port 10/100 SwitchDGS-3100-48P Managed 48-Port Gigabit Stackable PoE Layer 2 SwitchDGS-1210-10P Web Smart 10-Port SwitchDGS-3100-48 Managed 48-Port Gigabit Stackable Layer 2 SwitchDES-3828P Managed 24-Port Gigabit SwitchDGS-3627G xStack Managed 24-Port Gigabit SwitchxStack L2 Series - DGS-3120-24TC/EIDGS-3627 xStack Managed 24-Port Gigabit SwitchDGS-1510-28 SwitchDGS-1248T Web Smart 48-Port Gigabit SwitchDES-3010PA Managed 8-Port 10/100 PoE SwitchDES-3010GA Managed 8-Port 10/100 Switch
xStack L2 Series - DGS-3120-24PC/SIDGS-3612G xStack Managed 12-Port Gigabit SwitchDES-1228 Web Smart 24-Port 10/100 SwitchxStack L2 Series - DGS-3120-24PC/EIDES-3252P Web Smart 48-Port 10/100 PoE SwitchxStack L2 Series - DGS-3120-24TC/SI
DGS-1224TP Web Smart 24-Port Gigabit PoE SwitchDES-3028 Managed 24-Port 10/100 Stackable SwitchxStack L2 Series - DGS-3120-48PC/EIDES-1026G 24-Port 10/100 + 2 Gigabit SwitchxStack L2 Series - DGS-3120-48PC/SIDES-3052 Managed 48-Port 10/100 Stackable SwitchDGS-1510-20 SwitchDES-3226L Managed 24-Port 10/100 SwitchxStack L2 Series - DGS-3120-48TC/SIDGS-1500-52DGS-3450 Managed 48-Port Gigabit L2 SwitchDGS-1224T Web Smart 24-Port Gigabit SwitchDGS-1216T Web Smart 16-Port Gigabit SwitchDES-3526 Managed 24-Port 10/100 Stackable L2 SwitchDGS-1210-48 Web Smart 48-Port SwitchxStack L2 Series - DGS-3120-48TC/EIDES-3052P Managed 48-Port 10/100 Stackable PoE SwitchDES-1228P Web Smart 24-Port PoE 10/100 SwitchDGS-3650 xStack Managed 48-Port Gigabit SwitchDES-3028P Managed 24-Port 10/100 Stackable PoE Switch
DES-3528 Managed 24-Port 10/100 L2+ SwitchDXS-3227P 24-Port PoE Gigabit Wireless-Ready SwitchDES-3228PA Managed 24-Port 10/100 Stackable L2 PoE SwitchDGS-1210-24 Web Smart 24-Port SwitchDGS-3100-24 Managed 24-Port Gigabit Stackable Layer 2 Switch

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