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Foundry E1MG-BXD Compatible 1000Base BX BIDI SFP TX1490nm/RX1310nm 10km LC SMF DDM Transceiver Module

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Foundry E1MG-BXD Compatible 1000Base BX BIDI SFP Transceiver Module (TX1490nm/RX1310nm SMF 10km LC DDM)

Product Details

Foundry Compatible  E1MG-BXDVendor Name FIBER MALL
Form Factor SFPMax Data Rate 1.25Gbps
Wavelength TX1490nm/RX1310nmMax Distance 10km
Connector Simplex LCTransmitter Type 1490nm DFB
Cable Type SMFReceiver Type PIN
TX Power -9.0~0dBmReceiver Sensitivity <-23.0dBm
Protocols Gigabit  Ethernet, Gigabit Fibre Channel,  MSA CompliantOperation Temperature 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)

Quality Assurance

Excellent quality is the foundation of FIBER MALL' s survival and development. Our operation team are experts with many years' experience in optical communication industry. Our manufacturers are first-class manufacturers in the industry. Many of them have the qualification of OEM for first-class system equipment manufacturers.

Quality Certification
We control the quality of our products, including our strict qualification of manufacturers, quality control process and production technology, and compliance with certification and safety standards. At present, our products meet the industry standards and mainstream quality certification, such as ISO 9001, CE, RoHS, FCC, etc.

Foundry E1MG-BXD Compatible 1000Base BX BIDI SFP TX1490nm/RX1310nm 10km LC SMF DDM Transceiver Module
Foundry E1MG-BXD Compatible 1000Base BX BIDI SFP TX1490nm/RX1310nm 10km LC SMF DDM Transceiver Module
Foundry E1MG-BXD Compatible 1000Base BX BIDI SFP TX1490nm/RX1310nm 10km LC SMF DDM Transceiver Module

Platform Support

Fastiron FWS Series - FWS648G-POE
Fastiron FGS Series - FGS648P-STKNetiron CES 2000 Series - CES2048FFastiron FESX Series - FESX424HFFastiron FWS Series - FWS624-POEFastiron X Series FESXFastiron Workgroup Switch FWS4BDZFastiron Series FESFastiron FGS Series - FGS648P-POEFastiron FLS Series - FLS624Fastiron FWS Series - FWS624-EPREMFastiron FCX Series - FCX648Fastiron FESX Series - FESX648Bigiron RX Series - RX-16Netiron MLX Series - MLXe-16Fastiron FGS Series - FGS624XGP-STKFastiron FCX Series - FCX624SNetiron MLX Series - MLX-32Fastiron FESX Series - FESX424-POE
Fastiron FCX Series - FCX624S-HPOENetiron MLX Series - MLX-8Fastiron FESX Series - FESX424Netiron XMR Series - XMR8000Netiron Series 6910Netiron CES 2000 Series - CES2048CFastiron FGS Series - FGS624P-POENetiron CER 2000 Series - CER2048CXFastiron FLS Series - FLS648Bigiron RX Series - RX-8Netiron M Series - M2404CServeriron SeriesNetiron MLX Series - MLX-4Fastiron X Series SUPERXNetiron MLX Series - MLX-16Fastiron FWS Series - FWS624G-EPREMFastiron SX Series - SX1600Fastiron SX Series - SX800Netiron M Series - M2404FBigiron Series BI-MGBFastiron Series FGSNetiron CER 2000 Series - CER2024CFastiron FWS Series - FWS624Netiron MLX Series - MLXe-8Fastiron FESX Series - FESX448Fastiron FESX Series - FESX624HFBigiron Series Iron-Core/Jet-Core
Fastiron FGS Series - FGS624P-STKFastIron SX Series - SX-FI624HFFastIron SX Series - SX-FI424FNetiron CER 2000 Series - CER2048FNetiron XMR Series - XMR4000Fastiron FWS Series - FWS624G-POEFoundry FLS624Fastiron X Series FWSXBigiron Series BI-RXNetiron XMR Series - XMR16000Fastiron FWS Series - FWS624GNetiron Series NI-M2404Netiron CER 2000 Series - CER2048CNetiron CES 2000 Series - CES2048FXNetiron Series NI-XMR/MLXFastiron FWS Series - FWS648-POEFastiron Series FLSNetiron XMR Series - XMR32000Fastiron FLS Series - FLS624-STKNetiron CES 2000 Series - CES2024C
Fastiron FGS Series - FGS624PNetiron MLX Series - MLXe-32Netiron CER 2000 Series - CER2048FXNetiron CER 2000 Series - CER2024FFastIron SX Series - SX-FI-24-HFFastIron SX Series - SX-FI424HFFastiron FWS Series - FWS648GNetiron CES 2000 Series - CES2048CXFastiron FLS Series - FLS648-STKFastiron FGS Series - FGS624XGPFastiron FCX Series - FCX624S-FFastiron FGS Series - FGS624P-POE-STKFastiron FCX Series - FCX648SFastiron FGS Series - FGS624XGP-POE-STKFastiron FGS Series - FGS624XGP-POEFastiron FCX Series - FCX648S-HPOEFastiron FWS Series - FWS648-EPREMFastiron FCX Series - FCX624Fastiron FGS Series - FGS648PFastiron FWS Series - FWS648G-EPREMFastiron FWS Series - FWS648Bigiron RX Series - RX-4Fastiron FGS Series - FGS648P-POE-STKNetiron CES 2000 Series - CES2024FNetiron MLX Series - MLXe-4Fastiron FESX Series - FESX624

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